Trigmate Complete Handbook now on Amazon- Link below

Trigmate Complete Handbook now on Amazon- Link below

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Learn Why Math and Science Teachers Love Trigmate


Trigmate is perfect for classrooms, camps, libraries, virtual learning, and STEM activities. Trigmate helps kids apply math concepts as well as breakdown and visualize abstract concepts like trigonometry and experimental design in a fun, tangible way. It works great in math stations, applied science studies, introducing math principles, and for learning engineering and architectural concepts. Trigmate is hands-on (no screens or batteries needed), easy to use in 3 simple steps, and the application of math is all right there in front of you.



Discounts for educators

If you're thinking about buying Trigmate for your students or classroom, email us at to get an educator discount. We'd also love to answer any questions or offer any help we can to make it easy to implement Trigmate in your classroom.


What do I need to know to teach with Trigmate?

You don't have to install an app or charge a device: just pull it out of the box and it is ready to go! If students are able to read and apply basic addition, subtraction and multiplication, they are all set. We recommend instructors to work through a few problems on their own to get familiar with the Trigmate, handbook activities and its parts.

We have few videos to help guide students in the classroom: Getting Started with Trigmate and How to Apply Trigonometry Around You


Appropriate Age Range

Trigmate is great for ages 8 to adult - and that is not a stretch! We find that kids 8-12 are able to get through the first 20-30 activities quite easily. High-schoolers can apply complex trig in the next set of handbook activities. Younger kids enjoy the first 10 activities by being able to make basic measurements and angulations using objects and things around them.

Sales Forms

Schools and teachers who are ready to order can send us a note from the contact page. We’ll provide you with Educator Resources when you sign-up with your school email account. Parents and Homeschoolers who have purchased Trigmate can also have access to these resources upon request.  We will also be adding periodic content to the Trigmate Blog to further support classrooms and shared practices between educators that have implemented Trigmate into their learning curriculum.  


Educator Guide

The Trigmate Handbook and EdGuide  are  free tools to help educators make the most out of Trigmate:

Practice Guide Template is a free companion to Trigmate's Handbook. The purposes of these tools are :

  1. To solidify important concepts. Practice challenges give another opportunity to apply what you learned.
  2. To offer hints when you’re stuck. Solve a practice challenge or read the explanation of the solution. This guide lowers the learning curve.
  3. Learn how to solve for real life applications. Each solution has an explanation that describes how it works.
  4. Alignment to NGSS and common core standards. .

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