the Trigmate story
a STEM product Inspired by kids

With my twin daughters Liana and Sofia (all grown up 6th graders now!! - they made me edit this), who are (still) my inspiration to bring Trigmate to life. Kert Gunasekaran, Dad | Engineer| Inventor

Hi there, I'm Kert, the creator of Trigmate. I'm thrilled you're here and humbled to share my journey with you. 2020 was wakeup call for many of us, I got tired of watching the world from the sidelines, I wanted to directly deliver impactful things that can inspire imagination, and improve lives. Build things from ground up while enduring the challenges, and be tested on grit every single day. I started my work with education, as we can all agree that there is a lot of room for improvement. Both as a parent and as a member of our evolving society I want our future generations to do better than us, and I want to give them fair chance at it. With education; what they learn has to matter and must be application oriented, this will help our kids be inspired and will challenge them to think differently. They will retain concepts when its hands-on and when they can visualize the use of what they are learning, this is paramount. Often 2D laptop screens and reading about concepts don't quite cut it.

In May 2020, with the COVID lockdown in full swing, and learning becoming almost entirely virtual, I knew something had to be done to give students a good leg up in math retention, and it became a pressing imperative on my to-do list. Swiftly developed a sustainable working prototype, thus Trigmate was born.

At the end of the day, we are all about helping kids realize how cool math and engineering can be with the right tools that set you up for success. With so much about coding and programming, I think people are getting overwhelmed about choosing the right stuff for the kids. To me, it’s simple - its about enabling students’ infinite imagination in STEM fields.

We are a family operated small business, grateful and excited that someone you care for is going to benefit from using Trigmate, a hands-on system to learn, enjoy math and engineering. Looking forward to connecting with you.

- Kert, (and Sof, Lil, Ani, Joanna)