Are there how to videos for assembly and use ?

Yes, we have a page full, click here

Can I get volume discounts?

Yes, contact us anytime. Its proportional to the order volume and seasonal demand.

What is the age range for Trigmate?

Trigmate is for ages 8 to adult, no really it is! We find that kids between ages 8-12 are able to get through the first 20-25 levels and activities enthusiastically. Adults get addicted to the more advanced capabilities of Trigmate. Older users love the advanced challenges and using astrolabe for stargazing and time predictions. Can we also add that it’s a great family parent and grandparent time with kids to determine time and constellations in the night sky.

Can it be used outdoors?

Yes, very much! It’s made for both indoor and outdoor use. Simple common-sense precautions are enough to extend the longevity of Trigmate. Many love taking it with them on their road trips to make interesting measurements! Height of the cliff? you got it.

Are the measurements accurate?

Accuracy depends largely on the user of Trigmate, the more they use it, the more they will master it like anything else and more accurate the measurement get. They will understand the quirks and their methods of noting the measurements and improve steadily. Of course, there could be minor manufacturing variations that may contribute to inaccuracies within limits. Trigmate cannot be used to accurately construct a building from ground up, if that’s what you are wondering.

Do the kids need a grown-up to explain how it can be used?

Not at all, Trigmate videos and handbook are designed with kids to learn about math concepts and use Trigmate on their own. Teachers are provided with classroom lesson guidance to promote learning.

Do I need the extra parts?

The standard Trigmate set contains everything you need to enjoy it and that’s including the astrolabe. The extra parts are available if you lose or break parts, or if you want to get creative.

What is the size/weight of the box?

The Trigmate comes in a box measuring 24 X 24 X 5 CM and weighs 1.5 pounds.


Who is eligible for the educator discount?

Offer 10% discount on 5 sets and extra parts to all educators, including, but not limited to:

  • Teachers

  • Schools

  • Homeschools

  • Libraries

  • STEM / STEAM Camps

  • Summer Camp organizers

  • STEM catalog marketers  


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Shipping policy

Standard US shipping policy and rates apply for Trigmate.

We ship anywhere within the contiguous US at reduced shipping rates. International, or Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico may have additional charges.

Typically when its not a backlog delivery, it takes 2 weeks to arrive within contiguous US

Returns and exchanges

Trigmate was designed to help and empower young children to become better leaders of tomorrow. So its all about your user experience with Trigmate. If you are not happy with the product or need to return or exchange it for any reason immediately within 15 days of purchase please contact us here, we are happy to help you.

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