Summer Programs

STEM Summer Activities Interactive Math and Engineering Using Trigmate


4Day (12Hr) - Interactive Math & Engineering using Trigmate

The universal language of learning is Math and it is the bedrock of STEM. It's now more important than ever to find creative and new ways to get kids off of screens and encourage interactive STEM Math and Engineering learning.

Using the Trigmate device, – an award-winning hands-on math and engineering device, students will learn, practice foundational math concepts like geometry, trigonometry and creative experiment design, by applying them in their everyday surroundings. Students will gain understanding of spatial awareness, visualize math, solve real world applications. In addition, they will build, learn to use and get their own Trigmate device to take home at the end of the program.

This is for students in 4th grade to 6th graders (9-12yrs) who need a strong foundation in Math and are looking for different, hands-on ways to learn Math and Engineering. Kids will not only learn about math and experiment design, on the last day of the program they will apply their new skills to participate in a friendly catapult challenge.

Currently, it is offered in Minnesota. Please contact us at for more information.