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Kids retain and excel in STEM subjects when they apply them through exploring their natural surroundings. Trigmate helps kids ages 9 to 16 to intuitively apply, configure math and engineering in real world.

Whether your kid excels or struggles in Math, Trigmate is great tool in their learning kit, it makes math fun, easy and hands-on. It’s designed by parents with kids in mind, and simplifies applying geometrical measurements such as length, distance, angles to real world objects. It furthers the application of these variables in Triangulation, Trigonometry, and Experiment Design.

Its great for STEM classroom and homeschool activities. The 3 step AIM-MEASURE-DISCOVER method aids them to explore their immediate surroundings while applying concepts. It enables natural discovery and STEM learning intuitively. With Trigmate they can easily visualize math and engineering theories in real time.

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 Trigmate is great for math and stem activities for kids 8yr old and above

Educational Toy and Math Toy activities for kids

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